Course Reserves

Reserve Shelves

Faculty are welcome to create a required readings reserve shelf for any course. Bring library books, DVDs, or other materials, to the library staff and we will create a reserve shelf for you behind the circulation desk. To use library materials for reserves, please check the library catalog to see if we own the item, then email a list to and we will build a shelf for your class. If the library does not own an item that you would like to place on reserve, fill out the online request form. Reserves can be set to check out for 3 hours in the library or 24 hours.

If we own or can reasonably acquire an item, we will not take your personal copy of something for a course reserve. We aim to support your teaching endeavors by buying items that you require your students to use. Please be sure to let us know what you require before your students will need it so that we can be sure to have it available. In the event that we can’t get our hands on the materials, we will accept a personal copy.

Contact the access services staff — Sara, Jacob, and Alison — for any questions or concerns (

Digital Course Readings

The photocopiers in the mail room are available for faculty use and can make PDFs quickly. PNCA offers regular training sessions for all staff and faculty to learn how to efficiently use the copiers. Contact the Help Desk for questions.

Reserve Binders

The library can place a binder of readings for your class on reserve. If a reading is from an item that we own, the actual item must be put on reserve instead of a photocopy. For other readings, you must bring in printed copies that are clearly cited, stapled, and 3-hole-punched. You must also include a reading list for your class. We can provide a binder. The binder can be set to check out for 3 hour in-library-use or 24 hour.


The library provides information literacy instruction to classes or individuals seeking to learn about research methods and resources. Email our Reference & Instruction Librarian, Shaleigh Westphall ( to set up an instruction session with her and/or other library staff.

Teacher Assistants

Teacher’s Assistants can help with your class’ library needs. If you would like to give your TA library privileges, please keep these guidelines in mind:

Faculty must notify the library if they would like their TA to have TA library privileges. Email to notify us.

  • A TA must use their own account to check out items.
  • A TA is responsible for all items on their account. All normal late fees apply.
  • A TA can check out as many items as their existing patron policy permits. Please see the PNCA Library webpage on Borrowing and Circulation for checkout privileges.
  • A TA can add items to and remove items from your reserve shelf.
  • A TA can specify the length of time they check out reserve items for your class.
  • A TA can check out Library Use Only items for your class session. These items will be due back to the library at the end of the class session.
  • A TA cannot initiate purchase requests or interlibrary loan requests on behalf of another patron.