Everything Waffles

Everything Waffles Monthly Zine
Justin Schwab

This project began as a serious attempt to recreate existing portraits found on the Internet with my cat, Waffles. Starting in 2012, I began a monthly process to create portraits as both practice and to indulge in the humor that I wanted in my photographs. After many failures in props, timing, and poses during the various portraits, these images became just as interesting to look at as the intended image.

This collection of zines exhibits the process undergone to create portraiture not only of myself, but of Waffles as well. Without any amount of post-production and editing, the untouched photos are an unexpected revelation into the photographic process. While these zines portray a disturbing amount of self-indulgence and embarrassment, they also encourage playfulness and experimentation in the process of photography.

All of the Everything Waffles Monthly Zines are available in the PNCA
Library Zine Collection.

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