Library Hours Thanksgiving Week

Image from page 285 of “Studies in reading; teacher’s manual” (1919) via Flickr Commons

The library hours for this week, November 23rd – 29th, are as follows:

Monday & Tuesday
7:30 am – 10 pm

7:30 am – 6 pm

Thursday – Sunday

We will resume normal operating hours on Monday, November 30th — Focus Week!


PNCA alum, Ebin Lee, was paired with SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW. This is their poster.

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance in honor of those who have lost their lives for living as themselves. The overwhelming majority of trans* deaths are the murders of people of color. Today, artists celebrate their lives with Trans Day of Resilience.

“Trans Day of Resilience is an art and activism project that recognizes and supports trans women and femmes of color in their lives and leadership, not just in death. It is an extension and reimagining of Transgender Day of Remembrance, the annual event memorializing people (mostly trans women of color) killed by anti-trans violence. Trans Day of Resilience goes beyond remembrance, and uplifts the resilience and power of trans and gender non-conforming communities of color.

Forward Together and visual artist Micah Bazant paired eight trans and gender non-conforming artists with eight organizations across the country doing trans justice work. Although trans and gender non-conforming people of color face disproportionate rates of violence and poverty, they are also thriving and leading movements for social justice. The Trans Day of Resilience art tells those stories of trans power, vision, and leadership.” —


How to reserve a Group Study Room in the Library

As the end of the semester approaches, we know that you need lots of quiet time and space to finish up your projects and assignments, or just to chill out for a bit and watch a movie. Did you know that Faculty, Staff, and Students may reserve any of the three study rooms (M4, M5, & M15) on the Library’s Mezzanine level for up to three hours at a time?

You’re always welcome to use the study rooms without reserving them on a first-come-first-serve basis, but if you’d like to set aside time, just email us at and let us know which room you’d like and when you’d like it! Each room has tables, chairs, and adjustable lighting.

M5: has a monitor with a VHS player and typewriters.
M4 & M15: have monitors that can be connected to a DVD player (check out from the MRC) or hooked up directly to your laptop with an HDMI cable (which you can check out at the library circ desk).

Best of luck as you wrap up a successful semester!

What I’m reading while it’s gloomy

It’s getting dark so early and all I want to do is curl up with a good book or five. While waiting for my hold to come in at the public library, I’ve been reading these graphic novels.

Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
PN 6728 .S17 V38 2014

Saga is weird and luscious and full of crazy adventures. Good thing we have book one in the library because reading the volumes one at a time would not be satisfying for you.

Lumberjanes: beware the kitten holy, by Noelle Stephenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen, and Shannon Watters
NEW PN 6728 .L796 S74 2015

Lumberjanes is like when I went to Girl Scout camp but with weirder creatures, better patches, and cooler kids. FRIENDSHIP TO THE MAX!

Wytches, by Scott Snyder and JOCK

I picked up the first issue of Wytches from Bridge City Comics a while back and now I’m breathlessly waiting to check out the first volume from the PNCA Library. Wytches is beautifully drawn, super creepy, and pretty gross. My favorite.

Email us at to place a hold on the first two. Check out our New Books shelf near the entry of the library for eagerly anticipated new arrivals! Or come browse our extensive collection of graphic novels, comics, and comics history in the PN 6700 section.

Journal Profile: journals in the field of design

At the PNCA Library, we subscribe to a number of so-called scholarly journals and most are accessible online, on-campus. We consider publications that are peer-reviewed, or written by experts in their fields to be scholarly. Although, there are a number of journals that include the design arts in their areas of inquiry, we do subscribe to a nice list of design-specific titles that I would like to share with you.

Design and Culture: The Journal of the Design Studies Forum
Print access: 2009 – Present
Online access: 2009 – Present
Please see library Homeroom for off-campus access.

This is the age of design. Even as recognition of its social, economic and cultural force grows, however, the design field’s largely unseen “edges” are increasingly becoming its driving forces.
Design and Culture examines these developments, looking for rigorous and innovative critical frameworks to explore “design” as a cultural phenomenon today.

Design Ecologies
Print access: 2009 – Present
Online access: 2009 – Present
Please see library Homeroom for off-campus access.

Design Ecologies foregrounds the inextricable connection between human communication and ecological accountability in architectural design. This burgeoning field has the potential to become a far-reaching discipline, bonding a community that crosses over into and out of architecture, environment, interaction, urbanism, and performing arts and communication.

Design Issues
Print access: Mar 1997 – Sept 1997; Mar 1998; Apr 2005 – Present
Online access: 2000 – Present (on campus only)

The first American academic journal to examine design history, theory, and criticism, Design Issues provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design.

The Design Journal: An International Journal for All Aspects of Design
Print access: 2012 – Present
Online access: 1998 – Present
Please see library Homeroom for off-campus access.

Established in 1998, The Design Journal is an international refereed journal covering all aspects of design. It aims to publish thought-provoking work which will have a direct impact on design knowledge and which challenges assumptions and methods, while being open-minded about the evolving role of design. The Design Journal is the journal of the European Academy of Design.

The Journal of Design History
Print access: 2010 – Present
Online access (on campus only): 2010 – Present

Journal of Design History plays an active role in the development of design history (including the history of the crafts and applied arts), as well as contributing to the broader field of studies of visual and material culture. The journal includes a regular book reviews section and lists books received, and from time to time publishes special issues.

All titles, of course, may be found on our Scholarly Journals page.

(All journal blurbs from publishers’ websites.)

Creepies and crawlies in the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Did you know that the German word for tarantula, vogelspinne, literally means “bird spider”? I found this image in the Biodiversity Heritage Library, in the book, Die Insekten, Tausendfüssler und Spinnen, or The Insects, Centipedes and Spiders.

This page is particularly creepo for an arachnophobe like me, but if you’re a mottephobe (afraid of moths), this might get you too.

Check out more cool stuff in the Biodiversity Heritage Library!

Taschenberg, Ernst Ludwig, and Alfred Edmund Brehm. Die Insekten, Tausendfüssler Und Spinnen. [2. Aufl.]. Leipzig,: Bibliographische Institut, 1877.

Journal Profile: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura: feminism, culture, and media studies

Print access in the library: Some issues from 1979 – 2006 ; 2007 – Present
Online access (on campus only): 1976 – Present

“Since its inception, Camera Obscura has devoted itself to providing innovative feminist perspectives on film, television, and visual media. It consistently combines excellence in scholarship with imaginative presentation and a willingness to lead media studies in new directions. Its debates, essays, interviews, and summary pieces encompass a spectrum of media practices, including avant-garde, alternative, fringe, international, and mainstream.” —publisher

This week’s Journal Profile is about one of my favorites in our subscriptions, Camera Obscura: feminism, culture, and media studies. Aside from the feminist approaches to culture and media studies, Camera Obscura published an article that combines two of my favorite genres: lady monsters and Asian horror films.

  • Seet, K K. “Mothers and Daughters: Abjection and the Monstrous-Feminine in Japan’s Dark Water and South Korea’s A Tale of Two Sisters.” Camera Obscura: feminism, culture, and media studies 71, vol. 24, no. 2 (2009) : 139-159. Accessed October 26, 2015. doi: 10.1215/02705346-2009-005

See more titles at our Scholarly Journals page.

Fun H’ween Goodies from Flickr Commons


Halloween postcard, circa 1908

Find more weird stuff in the Flickr Commons site!

Spooky illustrations for Japanese ghost stories

Katsushika Hokusai, The Ghost of Kohada Koheiji (c. 1831), from the series ‘One Hundred Ghost Tales’ (Hyaku monogatari)

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Sadanobu Threatening a Demon in the Palace at Night, 1889. From New Forms of Thirty-six Ghosts.

Detail, Sadanobu Threatening a Demon in the Palace at Night.

Look at Sadanobu! He is so over that demon.

Check out more awesome Japanese ghosts, demons, witches, and creatures by Kuniyoshi, Kunisada, and Hiroshige.

Save articles right to your Google Drive!

I just discovered that you can login with your Google credentials to one of my favorite databases, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, and save articles directly to your Google Drive! So awesome. I like this database for doing research when I don’t really know where to start with an issue or what the different discussions on it are. It has a great layout that provides a description of the topic, and then groups introduction sources by type — journals, primary sources, news sources, audio, images, etc.

The Google login works with all the “in Context” databases, such as Student Resources in Context and U.S. History in Context.

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