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Journal Profile: Photographies


Print access in the library: 2009 – Present
Electronic access: 2008 – Present
Please see library Homeroom for off-campus access.

Photographies seeks to construct a new agenda for theorising photography as a heterogeneous medium that is changing in an ever more dynamic relation to all aspects of contemporary culture. Photographies aims to further develop the history and theory of photography, considering new frameworks for thinking and addressing questions arising from the present context of technological, economic, political and cultural change.” (From their website.)

Check out this article in the most recent issue (Vol. 7, issue 1, 2014), “Camera Lucida and Affect: Beyond representation,” by Marie Shurkus. Shurkus explores a “close reading of Barthes’s notion of the role of the ‘punctum’ and the analysis of it that the ‘post-photography’ debates of the late 1980s produced in order to explore how images (analogue and digital alike) trigger ‘immaterial signals’ that convey affective qualities.”

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Book Review: Junky

William Burroughs’ first novel, Junky, serves as the foundation upon which all of his following work is built. It frankly speaks to the banality of life and how it is shattered by incorrigible drug abuse. He takes us, with shocking lucidity, through all the formative events that inexorably lead our protagonist, Bill Lee, to trying junk; then into the grueling highs and lows of acquiring and kicking habits. The reader follows as he navigates the routine obstacles to obtaining the fix, and begins to sense that junk itself is Bill’s preferred means of coming in contact with some transcendent reality. This attainment becomes his sole motivation. He is drawn to it, an average man seeking relief from the tedium of his mundane existence. In this way, he is unsettlingly familiar: just another bug hopelessly seeking liberation in an almighty buglight. Thankfully, this particular bug has a talent for writing grounded in rich tradition, yet unlike any to come before or after him. – Jackson Ward

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